Unaco Chile
Public Adjusters acknowledged by the
Superintendence of Insurance and Bonds of the Republic of Chile

A Service Focused on the Insured and on Enterprises

Unaco Chile,
PUBLIC ADJUSTERS in charge of claiming and collecting your insurance losses.

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According to the Chilean Law, Official Insurance Adjusters, in Chile, shall act as an independent and conciliatory individual, between the apparently opposed interest of the parties involved when the claim occurs, that is to say, the Insurance Company and the Insured. However, in practice, Chilean Official Insurance Adjusters depends economically on the Insurance Companies, which in one way or another affects their objectivity when it comes to performing their job.

Unaco Chile is a Chilean Company, which has been specialized in providing its Loss Adjusting and Underwriting technical knowledge, on behalf of the Insured and the Chilean Entrepreneurs since 1990, in order to optimize the payment of the compensation recovery expected from an Insurance Claim covered by a policy in force. In short, in front of a situation that shall damage the patrimony of a natural or judicial person, Unaco, works in order to obtain the highest possible payment on behalf of the insured, charged to the affected Insurance Policy.

Unaco Chile works exclusively for the Insured, and depends economically on the Insured.

Unaco Chile is specialized on Casualty and Fire claims, as well as on Loss of Income claims, Robberry and Life claims. Unaco Chile applies the experience acquired at work in the United States and Central America as Public Adjustors, to help its customers to obtain satisfactory results when collecting an Insurance Claim payment.

This is how it shared its know how with persons and enterprises related to the:

  • Mining
  • Textile
  • Lumber
  • Chemical
  • Plastic
  • Commercial Industry and Markets.

As well as to the:

  • Life Insurances
  • Accidental Disabilities
  • Death or Professional Disability

Unaco Chile is proud of never loosing a case, as its secret is: "Never take a case which is not viable".

Alvaro Pérez, Unaco Chile´s General Manager says: "In Chile, it will come the day where neither a natural person or an enterprise will face an insurance company without a public adjuster who shall protect his/its economic interests, as it is a common must in developed countries".

As pioneers offering this services in Chile we have gained a place in the market, gathering supporters and detractors.

The reason for this is very simple.

"You can't bake a cake without braking some eggs."

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